Sharon is a dynamic thought leader who knows how to stand out in a crowd.
She is ALL about Mental Peak Performance.
Let Sharon inspire your audience with new ideas & show them how to be EXTRAORDINARY.

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Sharon is a keynote speaker, serial entrepreneur, adventurer, ultra-endurance athlete, wildlife warrior, conservationist, and storyteller obsessed with beautiful places, wild spaces the gorgeous South African people.

Sharon is a keynote speaker, Mental Peak Performance Coach, adventurer, expeditioner, wildlife warrior, conservationist, serial entrepreneur and a disruptive thought leader from South Africa.
Sharon boasts a law degree, a fitness training diploma and an impressive career in both the corporate and SME environment.
She is dynamic, energetic and knows how to stand out in a crowd.
Sharon knows what it takes to perform at your peak and to turn ideas into reality and have lived this in her personal and business life. She will inspire your audiences and show them how to be absolutely EXTRAORDINARY.

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Sharon has completed 4 running expeditions to date, 3 for rhino conservation, and she’s run to and through 28 big 5 game reserves.

She has also run through some of the most remote areas in South Africa and through some of the biggest townships in SA and have had amazing conversations with many people from all walks of life whilst on foot. She is passionate about telling these stories and dispelling the myths that SA is a dangerous place.

Sharon Interview SABC News

2020 Run Wild for Rhinos

Sharon at great Fish Nature Reserve

2021 Run Wild for Rhinos

Crocodile Bridge Sign Post

2022 Run Wild for Rhinos

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Now more than ever the animals of our planet need help and on the top of that critical list are vanishing giants like white and black rhinos. Sharon Jessop is a conservationist who doesn’t just talk about the issues she takes physical action. Run Wild for Rhinos is an excellent show of her determination to bring awareness for the support these animals need and I hope her ambition encourages others to not only donate but also to take action in the fight against illegal poaching. If we don’t save the horns now in less than a decade they will be gone!
Coyote Peterson
American YouTuber, Brave Wilderness