About Sharon

Get to know Sharon and learn what sets her soul on fire.

Sharon at Kwandwe Game Reserve

Sharon is a keynote speaker, conservationist, adventurer and storyteller.

Sharon is a law graduate and qualified fitness trainer. She’s worked in the public and private sector and have extensive knowledge and experience of the non-profit space. She is also a dynamic and exciting speaker and have delivered many talks to many clients.

Sharon has completed 4 running expeditions to date, and she’s run to and through 28 big 5 game reserves to promote rhino conservation.

She’s run through some of the most remote areas in South Africa and through some of the biggest townships in South Africa and have had amazing conversations with many people from all walks of life whilst on foot.

She is passionate about telling these stories and dispelling the myths that South Africa is a dangerous place. She’s delivered many talks to a wide variety of organisations that have ranged from telling her inspirational stories to talking to corporates and individuals about their passion and purpose and teaching them to tap into their amazingness by utilising their uniqueness.

Sharon knows how to stand out in a crowd and make it work.

What I do

What is our purpose on earth if we are not of use to others and to earth with all her critters and creatures?

Sharon injecting a rhino

Rhino Conservation

Sharon's first "love" in conservation is rhinos. Ever since first interviewing and working with Dr William Fowlds most of Sharon's efforts in conservation have been on rhinos.

Elephants at Tembe Elephant Park

Specific Conservation Projects

Although rhinos will always be the main focus, Sharon also gets involved with other conservation projects such as cheetah rewilding projects, elephant rescues, etc.

Sharon and Seven Fountains Kiddos

Conservation Communities

Sharon believes that the future of conservation and curbing any form of poaching lies with community involvement, community upliftment and community ownership of land, fixed assets and animals.

Sharon Speaking

Keynote Speaker

Sharon delivers a number of punchy keynote talks varying in duration depending on your specific needs.

She talks about her running expeditions and the discipline, responsibility and accountability that comes with it while entertaining her audience with funny anecdotes from all her adventures.

She also relates all her lessons learnt while running back to everyday life in general and to business principles.

Another talk deals with your passion and purpose and living life “on purpose”.