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If you keep doing what you’ve been doing and follow what everyone else is doing, how will you stand out in a crowd?

With all the “noise” out there both you and your business need to embrace your uniqueness and do business differently.

Sharon’s unique and divergent approach to turn the ordinary into extraordinary is both refreshing and functional.

Let Sharon’s keynotes move and energise you and your audience to reach heights never experienced before.

Keynote Talks:

1. Peak Performance: Is “Good” Good Enough?

2. Motivation Sucks! What will inspire permanent change?

3. Life is a Marathon: What ultra-distance running taught me about life and business.

In an era where resilience and inspiration are so important, Sharon Jessop shines out as a beacon of light and inspiration. Her record-breaking endurance achievements are a testament to her relentless drive, paralleling her dedicated movements to help conservation. Sharon Illuminates every space with her infectious enthusiasm. Witnessing her unwavering commitment to our planet's wellbeing is a transformative experience. She doesn't just leave an audience feeling uplifted; she empowers individuals with a renewed sense of purpose and the desire to chase their aspirations, all while fostering a collective consciousness towards creating a more sustainable future.
Chris Cooper
Business Elevator, Speaker, Author, Broadcaster and Community Builder
I had the pleasure of inviting Sharon Jessop recently to speak at a “Women in Leadership Empowerment Conference” in Port Elizabeth. Sharon was extremely engaging and had the audience on their feet in a matter of minutes singing and interacting. Sharon’s presentation and address was professional and informative but also light hearted and humorous. She obviously put a lot of time and effort into her preparation and was very thorough. I will definitely be making use of her motivational speaking again for future events.
Jacqui Lategan
Project Development Manager, GL Training
Thank you, Sharon, for your inspirational talk to us yesterday. A welcome and refreshing talk with many pearls of wisdom, from your own experiences - much needed at the end of a very busy year that was quite tough to navigate at times.
Christelle Janse Van Rensburg
EXP Realtors, Port Elizabeth